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导读 您好,现在冰冰来为大家解答以上的问题。tour怎么读语音,tour怎么读相信很多小伙伴还不知道,现在让我们一起来看看吧!1、英 [tʊə(r)] ...


1、英 [tʊə(r)] 美 [tʊr] n. 旅行,观光;巡回演出;任职期;轮班 vt. 到…旅游;在…巡回演出 vi. 观光;巡回 网 络 迂回; 巡回赛; 游历; 旅游 复数:tours 过去式:toured 过去分词:toured 现在分词:touring 第三人称单数:tours 词条标签:CET4 CET6 考研 柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典 现代英汉综合大词典 英汉双向大词典 1. N-COUNT 可数名词巡回访问;巡回演出;巡回比赛 A tour is an organized trip that people such as musicians, politicians, or theatre companies go on to several different places, stopping to meet people or perform. 【搭配模式】:usu with supp【搭配模式】:PHR after vThe band are currently on a two-month tour of Europe... 乐队目前正在欧洲进行为期两个月的巡回演出。

2、It will be the first official cricket tour of South Africa for 22 years. 这将是 22 年来南非首次正式的板球巡回赛。

3、...a presidential campaign tour in Illinois. 在伊利诺伊州的总统竞选巡回活动When people are travelling on a tour, you can say that they are on tour .在巡回活动(或演出、比赛)中 The band will be going on tour... 乐队将进行巡回演出。

4、The Royal Opera is on tour… 皇家歌剧团正在巡回演出。

5、There were mixed fortunes for French rugby teams on tour. 参加巡回比赛的法国橄榄球队成绩有喜有悲。

6、2. VERB 动词作巡回活动(或演出、比赛) When people such as musicians, politicians, or theatre companies tour, they go on a tour, for example in order to perform or to meet people. 【语法信息】:V n【语法信息】:V【语法信息】:V-ingA few years ago they toured the country in a roadshow... 几年前他们在全国作了巡回演出。

7、He toured for nearly two years and played 500 sell-out shows... 他巡回演出了近两年,500场演出场场爆满。